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  1. Term 3 Govt and ISASA IV Term Schools Close

    September 29
  2. Term 4 ISASA IV Term Schools Open

    October 17
  3. 2017 Term 4 Govt Schools Closed

    6th December 2017 - 16th January 2018
  4. Christmas Day

    December 25
  5. Day of Goodwill

    December 26

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Meet our ACSI President, Dr Dan Egeler

Meet our ACSI President, Dr Dan Egeler

Dan Egeler is often described as a storyteller. He grew up on an isolated island in  Lake Victoria, Tanzania, as his father was an island evangelist who worked with the tribes on  the 40 islands that existed within Lake Victoria....

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The best experience, Whole School Evaluation

Thank you ACSI for all the visits, guidance with classroom management, order brought to school administration . The written report we received gives us clear manageable guidelines and a wealth of insight.

New Creation

An excellent Leadership conference

Thank you to ACSI for an outstanding venue, knowledgeable, inspiring speakers and fantastic networking opportunities.

Victory Christian School JBay

Encyclopedia of Bible Truths Set

Price for set of 4 books R440.00 plus handling and courier. This set of four books consists of: Fine Arts/Health, Social Studies, Language Arts/English, and Science/Mathematics, integrates the Bible into virtually every curriculum area and is an outstanding resource for lesson preparation, research, and project completion. The set is formatted by content area; each section lists biblical concepts and background for that subject. Scripture references and scriptures that pertain to those concepts are then provided. Click the picture to the right to read the full story.

Bible Encyclopedia Truth Set
SAOU August training
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