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The Association of Christian Schools International believes that Christian Schools must pursue excellence. As a member of the Association of Christian Schools International we commit to the following:

Spiritual Development

Administrative Development

Principal and Boar Development

Educator Development


  • Live according to the Word of God
  • The Statement of Faith of ACSI.
  • The Vision and Mission Statement of ACSI
  • The Core Beliefs of ACSI
  • Acknowledge the noble calling of our profession to educate and train the learners in our schools in Spirit and in Truth, according to God’s Word;


  • Adhere to relevant legislation for existing as an independent school
  • Observe good practice
  • To meet local health, safety and sanitation standards
  • To operate within the parameters of the constitution of the Republic of South Africa as well as the South African Schools Act 86 of 1996. Specifically with reference to Section 29(3) of the Constitution:
  • Do not discriminate on the basis of race
  • Are registered with the state
  • Maintain standards that are not inferior to standards at comparable public educational institutions

Principals and Boards:

  • Engaging in ongoing school improvement and in the core components:

(As outlined in ACSI’s Essential Elements of an Effective Christian School)

  • Truth
  • Intellectual Development
  • Christian Educators
  • Potential in Christ
  • Operational Integrity
  • Sound and effective management and control
  • Offering adequate programs to meet the needs of all admitted students
  • Hiring educators who are qualified and registered with SACE.
  • Maintain the freedom to provide an educational program which satisfies national academic standards in accordance with GENFETQA and SAQA requirements.
  • Providing facilities that are appropriate for the educational programs that we offer

As Educators

  • Act in a proper and becoming way such that their behaviour does not bring Christ or the teaching profession into disrepute.
  • Acknowledges the uniqueness, individuality, and specific needs of each learner, guiding and encouraging each to realise his or her potentialities as stated in the Psalms: “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.”
  • Endeavors to enable learners to develop a set of values consistent with the Word of God. Pursuing excellence in every area of education.
  • To provide for the Spiritual, Intellectual, Emotional and Physical needs of our students
  • To teach from a Biblical Worldview perspective, focusing on Spiritual formation.
  • Educating towards reaching the expected student outcomes as set by ASCI
  • Offering adequate programs to meet the needs of all admitted students
  • The teaching, learning and assessment of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes.
  • Acknowledge that the attitude, dedication, self-discipline, ideals, training and conduct of the teaching profession determines the quality of education in our schools
  • Exercises authority with compassion
  • Avoids any form of humiliation, and refrains from any form of abuse, physical or psychological
  • Uses appropriate language and behaviour in his or her interaction with learners, and acts in such a way as to elicit respect from the learners
  • Takes reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the learner
  • Is not negligent or indolent in the performance of his or her professional duties
  • Recognise the parents as partners in education, and promotes a harmonious relationship with them
  • Does what is practically possible to keep parents adequately and timeously informed about the well-being and progress of the learner.


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