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We’re stronger together!

Stronger together

At ACSI, everything we do starts with this belief: In Christ, we are stronger together. It’s the foundation of our mission to unite, equip, and strengthen Christian schools worldwide. That includes your school.

Your partnership is essential to this work because:


  • We’re stronger together as you’re connected to a global network of like-minded schools and educators sharing ideas, innovation, and inspiration.
  • We’re stronger together as ACSI experts equip you with the resources and services you need to lead and grow every part of your school, both inside and outside the classroom.
  • We’re stronger together as we bring together proven methods and best practices in education with a Kingdom worldview, ensuring high academic standards and a commitment to Christian principles.


Like you, we’re passionate about preparing students academically and building them spiritually. Join us.

Why associate with ACSI?

This article from Mr. Ken Langley, principal at The King’s School West Rand the first ACSI Internationally Accredited School in Africa.

He answers a serious question his school had to ask themselves and we are thankful for his open and frank answer:

“Several years ago our school was faced with a landmark decision that would significantly influence our future path. As a small school with low fees, money was short and the budget was tight. We had come to a point where it was no longer possible to continue with dual membership of ISASA and ACSI; the cost had unfortunately just become too prohibitive.

As we debated the options, God led us to consider the question:

Who do you associate with?

We were after all, talking about associations. ISASA is the Independent Schools Association of South Africa and ACSI is the Association of Christian Schools International. And the moment we start talking about associations, we inevitably must consider the question of values and organisational purpose.

We realized that we had often thought of both ISASA and ACSI as suppliers, something like the way we consider the company that supplies us with a photocopy machine in our office or the one that provides us with cleaning materials. Suppliers are usually chosen on the basis of lowest price-best quality and the critical question is always what’s the most we can get for the least outlay?

But this is absolutely not what an Association is. An Association is the banner that leads us into battle, the embodiment of all that we hold closest to our hearts, the herald of those convictions that sets it, and its members apart as Christ-centered, God-glorifying educational institutions. We seldom consider the congruency of the photocopy company’s value statements or their vision and mission with our own, but in aligning ourselves with an Association, it was imperative that we did this.

Which of the Associations were we comfortable to say represented what was most important for us as a Christian school?

That day when we chose to ‘associate’ solely and wholeheartedly with ACSI was a watershed moment for our school. It sharpened our focus and strengthened our desire to be part of the Christian Education movement in South Africa. It placed us squarely in the camp of dozens of other schools that believe that the Gospel is unstoppable good news for a transformed education across our nation.

Now, years later we have never had cause to doubt the decision we made on that day. Not only has it not weakened us as a school, it has indeed strengthened us and God has seen fit to more than double our enrollment and given us greater influence in the broader educational sector in our region. God is always faithful and we could never attribute his faithfulness to any single action of ours. That would be too limiting for the expansive, almighty God we serve. But for now, when I celebrate God’s exceeding generosity to our school, I cannot help but think that our decision for ACSI on that day was one that gave him much joy.”



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