Grade 10 Learners from The King’s School, Robin Hills – Making a Difference!

While on their Social Responsibility Camp in January of this year, sixty Grade 10 learners from The King’s School Robin Hills helped out at a crèche in the Hekpoort area.  They were so moved by the story behind the birth of the crèche and by the general lack of support that they were determined to return later in the yearhekpoort-1 with a clear idea of how to make a real difference in the lives of 30 small children.  The lady who started the crèche is the wife of a policeman whose heart was broken when her husband told her about a 2 year old and a 4 year old being burned to death in their house because there was no one looking after them. She decided to start a crèche in the area to ensure that nothing like that would happen again. She receives no funding and the parents of the children can only afford a very small amount.  Consequently there are enormous needs.


After identifying the primary needs, the Grade 10s recently spent a day at the crèche, working hard to leave a lasting legacy.  By the end of the day they had cleared weeds and rocks and put up a fence to give the children a safe outside play area.  They cleaned walls and painted murals; they put up hooks for the children’s bags and made beautiful name tags.  A teacher’s husband spent the day fixing windows with assistance from a handyman at The King’s School. They created the first library with books donated by the school and they cooked and served the children their breakfast and lunch.  One group of Grade 10s spent the whole day playing with the children outside to keep them occupied while the work was going on.



This is how Abigail Webb experienced the day: “On walking into the crèche, I saw the hekpoort-painting-3children sitting down waiting for their food and as soon as they noticed us, they quickly swung around and gave us huge, heart-breaking smiles and waved both hands in the air because they realised that something new and fun was about to happen that day.  I had to change the diaper of one baby and she did not have another pair of pants to change into.  It really hit me how poor they were and how much they needed the help that the Grade 10s were there to give.  During the day I took photographs and it was so amazing to see a very dirty and run-down place turn into a beautiful, colour-filled and grace-filled place. When we left we could feel that something beautiful and blessed had been left behind. It is amazing how something so quick and easy to do together can build relationships and bring joy to a child’s everyday life!”