Our Moto: B’ezrat Hashem – With the help of God.

  • Our Vision: “That our Students will possess a Christian World View that will permeate their whole life.”

  • Our Mission: “Equipping the Called”

    abbottsford-1Who We Are! Where do we come from – Where are we going?

    In 1928, down by the Nahoon River, you would have found a small asbestos and wood building. It was a Government school called the Nahoon Causeway School.

    The children had no uniform, shoes, or sports fields, but they had fun on the open fields in the area. For some time this school flourished and grew, but then the numbers started dwindling and it was closed down. All equipment was sold and the records returned to the Ministry of Education.

    Fortunately the leaders of the Abbotsford Christian Centre Church were visionaries who saw a need and realized that there was great potential. What an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the children of the area! They walked the grounds, claiming them in the Name of Jesus, they worked and planned. The outcome? The Education Department entrusted the buildings and grounds to the church as a gift. All obstacles were overcome and in 1991 an Educare class started.

    The following year a second class was added. Growth continued, classrooms were added as abbottsford-building-in-progressthey were required and in 2009 the first grade 12 class wrote their finals. Two classes for children with special needs were added and presently we cater for learners from Grade RR up to Grade 12. Because there is such a demand for good schooling in our town, we decided to launch out and start a second class in each grade, starting from grade 1 in 2016. In 2015 plans were drawn for a new Foundation Phase building and four beautiful, large, light and airy timber classrooms and a new ablution block was built.


    Great was the excitement when this building with its magnificent open deck overlooking many trees and a small stream, was formally opened in May 2016. Following the example of previous buildings, this one was given the name Samuel. Samuel, because he was a young boy who heard God speaking to him and obeyed. We pray that this will be the experience of every boy and girl learning and working, not only in this building, but throughout our whole school. In 2017 our second grade 2 class will open its doors and our goal is to add a new class every year. This will require some more building to be done in 2017. More learners and more buildings using the space that had been intended for sports fields and play grounds, mean that more ground is needed.


    God is faithful and He knew before, that we would need ground, so He put it in the heart of a local business man to donate a tract of land, right next door to our school and now we just need to level and fence this.

    Founders Day

    On 16 September 2016 we celebrated our 25th Founders Day and were thrilled to welcome Sandy Wubbeling and Hendrik De Kock who joined us on this occasion. They presented us with a certificate commemorating 25 years of committed service to Christian Education and pronounced the blessing that they said our beloved Anna-Marie would have wanted to speak over us.

    abbottsford-2016-founders-dayWe were thrilled to be joined by the original visionaries, a number of past teachers and past pupils. A past Pupils Association was started and we trust that this will grow and develop from strength to strength.

    A School Song specially written for ACS, but for some or other reason, never used, was rediscovered, a teacher remembered the tune, another played it on the keyboard and with great enthusiasm the school sang the song, the first public rendition, at the Founders Day


           SCHOOL SONG

    abbottsford-hs-choir1. This is the school that the Lord has made;

    Built in the valley where the river flows.

    We honour His name in everything we do;

    For Jesus is the Captain who leads the way.


    Believe in His Word and do as it says,

    Trust in His Word and do as it says,

    Stand on His Word and do as it says,

    For He leads the way.

    abbottsford-choir2. As children we come and equipped we will go,

    To heal and touch to care and to pray.

    God bless our school and hear us each day,

    For You are the Truth, the Life and the Way.

    We are encouraged by the precious and close relationship that is developing stronger than before, with our covering church and grateful for their mentorship and disciplining.



    Whilst academic excellence is seen as non -negotiable, we also have an overriding vision of growing, equipping and sending out into the world, young men and women who will be worthy Kingdom citizens, people who will reflect the character of their God and Father.

    Core Values


    Student Council

    As teachers we are thankful for the opportunity of touching so many lives and we pray that those that have been touched by Jesus through us, will go out and touch others and share His love. If this does not happen we will have missed our calling and our right to exist.

    We move forward, facing the future, knowing that our God is good, He loves and cares for us and will never leave us alone.