Founded in 1852 to educate the Dutch and French children of the valley, our school has always been about integration. During the previous century the integration was between Afrikaans and English.

Given our country`s history it is evident that we are now integrated along so- called racial lines. I believe our next challenge might well be accommodating various economic groups.Simond School

During all of these challenges our school`s one consistent characteristic has remained our Christian nature. The very first teacher to be appointed, Mr. D.R. Blankenberg, had to show his ability to educate not only Dutch, English, Writing, Geography, History and “Cyferen” – Numbers (math) but he had to be able to teach Church history and to catechize!

This year marks our 165th year of existence and our 20th year after regaining our independence. Between 1956 and 1996 the school was a state-run school.To mark this special occasion, we have a series of celebrations planned. On the 23rd of March we had a family pick-nick with François Louw, a local musician, entertaining us. We will also be having a “soup-and bread” evening in the winter. There is a production planned for October and a gala dinner under tent in November.Simond school 165 years old

Simond will have grade 8 learners in January 2018 and we are very excited to see the school grow into high school! Since our school is a national heritage site, developments must be accommodated without disturbing the appearance of the buildings or 150-year-old oak trees. We have thus acquired additional land for these enlargements.

God is indeed good and His mercies endure forever.

Blessed be His name!