School Based (Type 2) Professional Development ATTENDANCE REGISTER 2016.5.12

According to the CPTD System, there are three different types of professional development activities/programmes that educators must undertake in order to earn the required 150 P D points in a three year cycle. Professional development points will be reported as follows on the CPTD System:

 T Y P E  1   Professional Development Activities/Programmes

(Teacher Initiated)

Each teacher is responsible for reporting their Type 1 professional development activities to SACE twice a year: May/June and October/November.

Reporting can be done manually by sending a reporting form to SACE or online through the CPTD Self-Service Portal on the SACE website.

 T Y P E  2  Activities/Programmes

(School Initiated)

The school reports participation in type 2 professional development activities on behalf of teachers who must then verify allotted points. Schools must sign up on the CPTD Self-Service Portal.

 T Y P E 3  Activities/Programmes


The Third Party Provider (ACSI in this case), reports participation on behalf of the teachers and the teacher must verify the allotted points.   The Third Party Provider must sign up on the CPTD Self – Service Portal.

ACSI workshops and conferences fall under Type 3 Activities as classified by SACE, and each activity is allocated professional development points. Every delegate will receive a CPTD certificate from Isaac Mfisa after attending an ACSI session as proof of attendance. ACSI submits our attendance registers to SACE for verification from their side .


SACE is the South African Council for Educators, a body established by law to uphold the teaching profession.

SACE registers all professional educators, ensures that all educators conduct themselves professionally, and manages a system for the promotion of continuing professional development of all teachers in South Africa.

In this Handbook the term “teacher” refers to all SACE-registered school-based educators. Initially the CPTD Management System will be made available for teachers in schools.

Professional Development

Like all professionals, teachers need to grow their knowledge and skills throughout their careers.

Like all professions, teaching requires deep knowledge which is continuously updated and widened, and it involves complex skills that need to be continually adapted to new circumstances.

Because teachers are entrusted by parents with profound responsibilities, teachers need to continuously strengthen their capacity to help children along the path of learning, understanding and development.

Teachers need to continuously renew their commitment to their profession, to express their pride in its ideals of service, their dedication to our children’s development and their determination to contribute to a just and thriving nation. That is professional development.

One of SACE’s main functions is to promote and facilitate the professional development of teachers, in particular the CPTD Management System.

“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.” CPTD stands for Continuing Professional Teacher Development. The CPTD Management System is a new system for encouraging and recognising teachers’ professional development.

It is managed by SACE with the support of the Department of Basic Education, the nine Provincial Education Departments and education stakeholders.

The CPTD Management System will be made available to all teachers whether state-employed, employed by School Governing Bodies, or employed by independent schools.

This CPTD Management System Handbook explains what the CPTD Management System is all about.

It is for use by all:

.  Teachers;

Principals and School Management Teams;

.  District Coordinating Committees;

.  Provincial Coordinating Committees;

Professional Development Providers; and

. Others who support Continuing Professional Teacher Development.

The CPTD Management System Handbook has been updated and improved in the light of experience in the CPTD Pilot.