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  • ACSI Prayer Routine Week 20

    ACSI Prayer Routine Week 20

    Luke 1:45 (NIV) “Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfil his promises to her!” ACSI Prayer routine 2017 week 20  Read More »
  • A digital temperance movement?

    A digital temperance movement?

    Speaking about culture and counter-culture, here’s a great conversation for Christian families and schools to have. Are digital devices controlling our lives? Do we need a digital temperance movement  so that we can take back control? This piece in theRead More »
  • Parenting Culture

    Parenting Culture

    I love pondering on the topic of modern-day culture and the counter-culture that we promote in Christian families and schools. Victoria Prooday published this article  one year ago and it has since been read by 6 million people. Its sure toRead More »
  • Coaching for change

    Coaching for change

    As Christians, we want our children to experience the transformative power of the Gospel on their thinking and behaviour. The problem is, kids don’t always want to change. They’re quite happy to stay the way they are. Forbes Leadership tellsRead More »
  • Spiritual Formation by Mirroring

    Spiritual Formation by Mirroring

    Niki Parks is the Director of Heartworks, a nonprofit committed to teaching students the joy of spending themselves for others. Here she writes about inviting students into action—into mirroring the stories of love, sacrifice, and mystery that God embodies. SuchRead More »

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  1. Term 2 Govt Schools Close

    June 30
  2. Youth Day

    July 16
  3. Term 3 ISASA IV Term Schools Open

    July 18
  4. Term 3 Govt Schools Open

    July 24
  5. ACSI Leadership Indaba 2017

    September 8 - September 10

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Simond Private School, Paarl Valley, 165 years Old!

Simond Private School, Paarl Valley, 165 years Old!

  Founded in 1852 to educate the Dutch and French children of the valley, our school has always been about integration. During the previous century the integration was between Afrikaans and English. Given our country`s history it is evident that...

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The best experience, Whole School Evaluation

Thank you ACSI for all the visits, guidance with classroom management, order brought to school administration . The written report we received gives us clear manageable guidelines and a wealth of insight.

New Creation

An excellent Leadership conference

Thank you to ACSI for an outstanding venue, knowledgeable, inspiring speakers and fantastic networking opportunities.

Victory Christian School JBay

Christian School Board Governance- A Framework for Effectiveness

This newly-released, second edition clarifies the roles and responsibilities of boards and administrators for leading Christian schools effectively. This manual includes model policies and practical tips for writing policies. It also includes 22 articles from ACSI’s Christian School Education magazine and Independent School Management’s Ideas and Perspectives. Click the picture to the right to read the full story.

Christian Board Governance
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