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We are honoured that you are considering     e-books (textbooks and resources) from Purposeful Design Publications (PDP). Thank you for the trust that is conveyed by your inquiry. And be assured, we continue to work diligently and purposefully to provide you with the very best instructional and professional development resources for use in your classroom and school.

As you peruse this site, here are some things you should know:

  • Not every book or textbook produced by PDP is available electronically at this time. Other titles will be added as they become available.
  • The electronic file format that PDP (through a third-party vendor) will use is ePub3. Features of ePub3 include highlighting, bookmarking, note taking, to name a few.
  • ePub3 files can be read on most mobile, laptop, or desktop devices except the original Kindle. For information about devices, click here.
  • All ACSI member schools will continue to receive the same member benefit for e-book textbook purchases as with printed textbooks—a free teacher e-book edition for a minimum of 10 student e-books purchased per grade level.
  • All e-book textbook purchases (teacher and student) are made on a subscription basis, meaning that the purchaser will have access for a defined period of time, generally the length

of one school year or semester.

  • All e-book purchases of teacher, administrator, and board resources will give the purchaser unlimited access to the title.


How do I order?

Orders for e-books can be made through Shelley Boshoff

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